World Wide Web is a wonderful place to find information and new friends. You can visit social networks, watch videos and write articles. Every webpage that you visit, harvest information about you - it tries to get everything that it could get for you from your webbrowser, IP address, it wants you to sign up leaving your name and other details. It wants you to give your opinion in "anonymous" statistic, that is far away from anonymous. Even if you try to save your privacy by not signing up and not providing that information, the website that you visit tracks every single move that you make trough the website - every picture that you see, every video that you watch. It stores information in your webbrowser so when you visit the page again, you will be recognised. By your IP, it gets your approximate location - yes, it could find where is your home or where you work.

Save your privacy

Yes, it is still possible and now very easy to acheive - using our web proxy, you could continue browsing web pages the same way that you've been doing it before, with just one difference - your privacy is now secured. To open a website in a proxy mode, just type it's address in the Enter URL bar below and click "Go!". The webpage will load almost instantly and you'll be able to browse it with almost no difference. If you're experiancing problems with loading a particular page, you could try to check/ unckeck some of the options, like "Remove Scripts" or "Remove Objects"

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